Reconnecting & Rediscovering Yourself

Something begins to shift when you recommit to yourself.

Maybe there’s an inner voice that keeps nagging away and keeping you feeling anxious.

Or a buzzing inside that leaves you feeling restless most days.

You do ALL the things, check ALL the boxes on your To-Do list, but there’s always more.

REAL TALK: I can’t make that voice go away, or make your to-do list shorter. But I can show you how to silence the inner critic and tackle your day with more intention and peace in your mind.

If you gave yourself what you give others you’d be UNSTOPPABLE!

I want to guide you in discovering that you have the power within to live your best life. I can see your inner light and magic inside and I’m here to help YOU rediscover that magic.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

A radical act of self-love

Let's explore what it's like to Love the One You're With 

(hint: that's you!)

Love the One You're With

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By taking radical action like committing to yourself with my support, you can expect -

NO BS + heart-centered accountability

Feeling refreshed and reset

Deeper connection to your intuition

Increased confidence

Rediscovering your strength as a woman, mother, partner, and friend

Feelings of connection to other moms who are caught in the same chaos of life

Kind Words from Clients

"Ursula broke down many walls in order for my fitness and confidence to return. I now feel healthier and happier with my overall well-being thanks to Ursula's encouragement, fitness expertise and flexibility. I love that my son was able to see me work towards a stronger self and thus be a better mom."

- Paige

"Ursula challenged me and had a lot more faith in me than I ever had in myself. Her positive attitude and encouragement is what made me want to go back for more. I'm EXTREMELY thankful for all Ursula has done for me and I continue to use the knowledge she has given me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She's a badass!"

- Nicky

"Ursula gave me the platform to gain back my confidence and become my best self! Ursula's most vital abilities are her listening and empathetic skills. I always feel refreshed and re-set after talking with her. She's strong, inspiring and there to encourage me when I need it, she is my “mom crush!”

- Tey

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