Find Strength in the Struggle

Helping busy moms find inner peace in life’s chaos through mindful fitness and intuitive wellness coaching.

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As an intuitive wellness coach, I help women rediscover their strength and attain a peaceful mind. The world can be a crazy place, and now more than ever, we need honest, heart-centered support to help make our lives less chaotic and more calm.

With a degree in Psychology, and a growing fitness business, I was doing ALL the right things, for other people, while keeping a steadfast attitude. But life has a way of reminding us what’s most important.  After a tragic loss, I embraced a journey of self-discovery which led me to a place of clarity and calmness that I never truly experienced until now.

I’m committed to guiding you on your own journey, providing accountability, tools and connections you need to feel supported.

Because the sooner you LEARN TO LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH, the sooner you can attain serenity and peace.

Hi there!

I'm Ursula

Your fearless guide and motivator

Spoiler alert - ‘YOU’ are the one to love again.

And I’m here to show you how.


Heart-Centered Goal Setting Guide

Discover how to get out of your mind and reconnect with your heart to enjoy abundance that comes from within.

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I can show you how only 15 minutes each day can create a lasting change in how you show up for the people you love the most, and more importantly, how you show up for yourself.

Helping you rediscover… you!

I’ll show you how!

WORK WITH ursula

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities of running a household?

Do you struggle to find the energy or motivation to do ALL OF THE THINGS?

Self-care - what’s that?

You do everything for everyone else, except for yourself

You may look like you have things under control, but you’re one temper tantrum away from breaking.

It’s tough to navigate life’s challenges and demands. And it’s even harder to make time for the things we need to keep us healthy.

While we can’t always control the chaos, we can control how we react.

Kind Words from Clients

"Ursula broke down many walls in order for my fitness and confidence to return. I now feel healthier and happier with my overall well-being thanks to Ursula's encouragement, fitness expertise and flexibility. I love that my son was able to see me work towards a stronger self and thus be a better mom."

- Paige

"Ursula challenged me and had a lot more faith in me than I ever had in myself. Her positive attitude and encouragement is what made me want to go back for more. I'm EXTREMELY thankful for all Ursula has done for me and I continue to use the knowledge she has given me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She's a badass!"

- Nicky

"Ursula gave me the platform to gain back my confidence and become my best self! Ursula's most vital abilities are her listening and empathetic skills. I always feel refreshed and re-set after talking with her. She's strong, inspiring and there to encourage me when I need it, she is my “mom crush!”

- Tey

Reconnect & Rediscover Yourself

Let's explore what it's like to Love the One You're With (hint: that's you!) 

i'm ready to reconnect with myself

Discover how to get out of your mind and reconnect with your heart to enjoy abundance that comes from within.

heart-centered goal setting guide

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