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I'm Ursula.

I help busy moms find inner peace in life’s chaos through mindful fitness and intuitive wellness coaching.

I’m also a recovering control freak who was living on the hamster wheel of life doing everything for everyone else and putting myself last. Trying to balance my fitness coaching business along with being the CEO of my household I completely lost myself. Which may come as a surprise considering I also have degrees in psychology and mental health counseling. I’m a certified life coach and personal trainer. You’d think I would know healthy boundaries or ways to minimize burnout…

And then… unexpected tragedy shook my whole world. But I still carried on, tried to stay strong for everyone else (again) and went through the motions of doing what was needed.

My soul ached. I knew I had to change something.

Can you relate?

I finally stopped doing it all and took a long hard look at my life.

And more importantly – I took a deeper look INSIDE and listened to my heart. That’s the tricky thing about making big changes in our life. The head will talk us out of doing the scary things we know we need to do. But the heart knows…

This subtle, but powerful shift changed everything for me.

I’ve been able to transform my life, my mindset, and my programming to start living in MY TRUTH!

What does it mean to live YOUR truth? It means coming back to ourselves and discovering that we have all the answers we need within us.

Women are the game-changers.

We have the strength to persevere.

The best part is that you don’t have to do this alone.

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