Work With Me

Ursula Be Strong

Are you the chick who’s tried every diet and thinks dieting just plain sucks? Do you watch those infomercials and fall for the gimmicky products that never work (a girl can dream, right)? Well, I’m here to rescue you from yourself and your late night TV mistakes! It’s time to take a stand and say NO to yo-yo dieting!

I know what you’re already thinking… she’s probably going to make me eat boring salads all the time? Think again my friend! You only eat things that I would eat myself – and I’m half Italian, so you better believe it’s not rice cakes and iceberg lettuce (don’t forget women, you need good hearty food to build and maintain strength).

Plus, you’ll never feel guilt or shame for “indulging”, because I have a ton of yummy recipes that you’d never believe were actually healthy. And you can be all sly and sneak the healthy foods into your home, no one will even know the difference – except the doctor at the next family check-up.

But seriously, you can really do this and stick with it! Trust me, the food and exercise routine is the easy part (I know you want to smack me for saying that). The hardest part is making the changes into habits and lifelong systems, which is where I come in. I’ll be with you, motivating you, holding you accountable, and getting you back on track when you slip up. I’m going to be your biggest FAN!

Before you know it, others will start to take notice and they’ll come to you for health advice (or just want to know how you got so damn sexy).

Come on girlfriend, get out of your cage, and unleash
the STRONG hot chick inside of you begging to be released!

If you’re serious and ready to JUMP out of your cage and bring your sexy back, check out my products and see which one fits perfectly on you! 😉

Not 100% sure which program is right for you, drop me a line and we’ll figure it out together!

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