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These badass peeps got fired-up and started bringin’ it – and so can you! Check out their results and the mad love they have for my programs. Maybe you’ll be on this list next?

Strength and Power. Working with Ursula allows you to not only gain physical strength and power, but mental and internal strength and power. Her workouts are great because they are different every time. Training sessions are never dull so come prepared to work. She is also a great motivator because your true potential isn’t forced but realized throughout these sessions. Her technique and follow through of making the workout and goals completely about you is what I like most about working with Ursula. Strength and power. If you want it in all aspects of your life, call Ursula. Veronica, Guam
I’ve always been one of those people who said ” I love working out”, which I do. However, my workouts consisted of easy cardio and weights every now and then. My biggest issue, like many others, was eating all the wrong foods and not pushing myself during workouts. Needless to say, I needed some professional help. I didn’t want a trainer that didn’t look physically fit or seemed too easy on their clients. I realized “easy” has done nothing for me. Reaching out to Ursula was the best thing I’ve ever done. She understood that my goal was not to become skinny but to become physically fit while maintaining my curves. Another goal of mine was to get better at my push-ups (more like be able to do one). I’ve been in the military for 10 years and I’m ashamed to say I SUCK at push-ups! I’d be lucky if I could do 2 “real” push-ups. So, push-ups were incorporated into EVERY workout. I’m currently able to do 30 consecutive “real” push-ups. The workouts were the hardest hour of my day but I felt so much better afterwards. Knowing that I made Ursula proud was one thing but making myself proud was the protein in the shake! (no cake or icing! For me :). Ursula challenged me and had a lot more faith in me than I ever had in myself. Her positive attitude and encouragement is what made me want to go back for more. Although our training sessions are done she still continues to reach out to me and runs with me. What other trainer would do that? Ursula is an amazing trainer but a beautiful person inside and out. I’m EXTREMELY thankful for all Ursula has done for me and I continue to use the knowledge she has given me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She’s badass!
Nicky, Guam
It was tough following the meal plan. It was not because of the structure, but it requires preparation and breaking bad habits. Getting into a routine of good health is key. Shopping and preparing all meals on Sunday is the way to plan for success. Also, getting used to new foods and experimenting on how to prepare them was a challenge. The grocery list your program provides is essential for the uneducated shoppers. The visit to the grocery store was by far the most valuable part for me. I learned a lot about the food group quantities, new foods, where to look, and good alternates. Thanks for all your help in bringing a healthy change to my lifestyle.
Jeff, Guam
I have been feeling so much healthier and stronger! After decades of constantly spending on all the programs out there, I can honestly say that I have gained the most profit overall from your training. I appreciate that you tailor the workouts based on an individual’s fitness level. This is the first time in all my years that I feel I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m going to stay consistent and persevere! I may not be losing the weight as fast but I feel that my body is going at the pace it should to maintain success. My clothes feel and look so much better too! As long as I keep up the work, I feel confident in reaching my weight goal. You are so knowledgeable and your sincere heart for helping me reach my potential is commendable. Thank you so much, Ursula, for your guidance and encouragement!
Betty, Guam
Thanks Ursula for PUSHING me to do my best every session. I’m grateful for the training & inspiration to continue to get er done!
Sarah, Guam
For the better part of my life getting fit was a major chore. With no one to hold me accountable, I easily grew tired and discouraged after a few weeks of “dieting.” With Ursula’s 12-week program that all changed. Her constant support and coaching helped me reach my goals and make permanent changes in my life. I highly recommend Ursula!
Linda, San Diego, CA
Ursula’s health coaching program was great. The program materials were very informative and I learned a lot about nutrition and better eating habits. As I went through the program I gained more energy and saw an improvement in my overall health after 12 weeks. I continue to incorporate what I have learned from Ursula and try out many healthy recipes she provides on her website.
Elise, San Diego, CA
At a very frustrating point in my life in regards to my weight, I met Ursula and discussed what needed to be done in order to reach my health, weight and fitness goals. Using her twelve week program, I was able to identify and correct my bad eating habits, which helped me to lose 12 lbs and drop a couple inches all around. Along with eating right, and maintaining an increased workout schedule, I not only look amazing, but I feel healthier as well. My energy level is up, my nails and hair are growing stronger and healthier. Along with changing my eating lifestyle, she also suggested I join the Beach Body Challenge to finish up my goals for the final month. Now my core is stronger from the increased workout , which I can tell when I do correct pushups without my back hurting (like it has since I played HS basketball), my form has improved in most of the exercises, and I am more flexible than I have been in a few years. I never thought I would be able to lean all the way back while stretching my quads again. I could years ago, but it was still more painful than it is now Thanks for helping motivate me during my last month in San Diego.
Leah, San Diego, CA
I recently completed Ursula’s 12 week coaching program. The program surpassed my expectations and was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my children. I am so much more informed now of what I am putting into my body and what to look for when making food choices. Throughout the 12 weeks, Ursula was my biggest fan and truly the best motivator. She is well informed and offered a wealth of information about fitness and nutrition. Ursula’s program has changed my life and my outlook on the future. I strongly recommend this program!
Faydeen, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ursula’s health coaching program is amazing! I completed her program in June 2011 and continue to incorporate her teachings in my daily habits. I have more energy, have obtained better health and continue to lose inches and body fat! The best part is that I never feel deprived. I have made eating healthy part of my lifestyle. I definitely recommend health coaching with Ursula!
Shannon, San Diego, CA
Thanks for all of your help the few weeks I was keeping a food journal. You really did help me establish healthy eating habits so I’m eternally grateful for that. A big thank you Ursula!!! Your feedback and tips were a great tool for success! 🙂
Angela, San Diego, CA
While many nutrition advisors tell you what to eat, they don’t really understand the issues with dieting. Ursula’s nutritional guidance was especially invaluable because she lives her own advice. Further, she provides a full menu of tried and tested recipes to help you figure out the things to eat. With Ursula’s diet you will feel like you have more energy that will enable you to reach your fitness goals.
James, San Diego, CA
I thought I ate healthy until I met Ursula. She has opened my eyes to what eating and living healthy really means. I have discarded many foods from my lifestyle and I have seen the results. I have more energy still working on getting toned abs but I will get there little by little, the key is consistence and of course a good coach, we all need someone to motivate us and share their knowledge with us. I highly recommend Ursula as a health coach she will kick your butt in many ways. 70 % Diet 30% Gym!
Valerie, San Diego, CA
There were two things I loved about working out with Ursula. The first was that while keeping the workouts intense and interesting, the moves were simple. I didn’t feel like I needed a Coordination 101 class and repeat demonstrations to complete my workout, like I’ve felt during so many other sessions elsewhere. The second, and most important, is that it is thanks to Ursula that I have found a new desire to go organic and keep ingredients as natural as possible. She took the time to talk to me about specific brands she buys, where I can find them and shared her favorite recipes. With Ursula, it’s not about getting skinny, it’s about getting healthy! She is one of those people who practices what she preaches, and it definitely shows.
April, Guam

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